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Rohan Builders is a prominent real estate developer in India, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality residential and commercial projects. The company was founded in 1993 by Suhas Lunkad, a visionary entrepreneur who has been instrumental in shaping the real estate landscape of Pune and other parts of India. Under his leadership, Rohan Builders has grown into one of the most respected names in the industry, with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

One of the key strengths of Rohan Builders is its focus on sustainable development. The company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and has adopted several measures to promote energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction. For instance, many of its projects feature rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels, and green roofs. In addition, the company uses eco- friendly construction materials and promotes green transportation options such as cycling.

Rohan Builders has completed over 125 projects in Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore, spanning across 15 million square feet of real estate. These include residential projects such as Rohan Mithila, Rohan Leher, Rohan Tarang, and Rohan Seher, as well as commercial projects such as Rohan Bhoomi, Rohan Jetty, and Rohan Ishita. The company&aposs projects are known for their innovative design, high-quality construction, and attention to detail.

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Rohan Builders has received several awards and recognition for its contributions to the real estate industry. In addition to the awards mentioned earlier, the company has been recognized for its customer-centric approach, ethical business practices, and commitment to quality. Some of the other awards received by Rohan Builders include the &quotDeveloper of the Year - Residential&quot award at the Realty Plus Excellence Awards 2019, the &quotBest Theme-based Township of the Year&quot award at the 11th Realty Plus Conclave & Excellence Awards (West) 2019, and the &quotBest CSR Practices Award&quot at the 9th Realty Plus Conclave & Excellence Awards (South) 2017.

Rohan Builders is a well-established real estate developer in India, known for its commitment to sustainable development and quality construction. With a strong focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices, the company is poised to continue its growth trajectory and contribute to the development of India&aposs real estate sector.